Rafting regatta on Veliki Rzav, Serbia - invitation


Friends and colleagues, rafters, kayakers, canoeists and all others who love adventure and intact nature! Hereby, we would like to invite you to join us in big RAFTING adventure on river VELIKI RZAV from 19-21 April 2013.

Goal of this regatta is to present this pearl among rivers to rafters, and to draw attention of other citizens, media, Municipality officials and the rest of the country and show that Veliki Rzav has other potentials besides building the dam.

Description of the river and regatta section:

Veliki Rzav River is officially cleanest river in Serbia. Until it reaches Arilje this river goes through uninhabited region and through pure limestone canyon. Therefore it's clear and potable.

Rzav is completely different from all the rivers you've been to. It is fast, quite shallow, constantly with small rapids, tame, occasionally with obstacles, harmless, with magnificent beauty.

Section "Kruscica (Guresi) - kamp" is 34km long and can be crossed in 4 - 6h depending on water level. On this section you'll find three class III rapids with first one on entering the canyon Orlovaca, second in the canyon itself and third in village called Roge. There are 4 - 5 small village “bridges” where it is necessary to carry the boat.

If we would compare Rzav to other rivers we could say that it is beautiful like Tara and as difficult as Ibar in August.


Regatta program:

FRIDAY 19.04.2013:
15.00 Gathering at the camp on Bosa Noga beach
20.00 Meeting of all boat leaders
20.30 Accommodation, party

SATURDAY 20.04.2013:
07.30 Breakfast (giving sandwiches "for the road")
08.00 Leaving the camp toward Start position (bridge in Kruscica) with organized transportation of all participants as well as the equipment and boats
10.00 Start of the regatta
16.00 End of the regatta on beach Bosa Noga
17.00 Hot meal
20.00 Concert in the camp

SUNDAY 21.04.2013:
08.00 Breakfast
08.30 Leaving the camp - for the ones who registered for excursions to Vodena pecina – water cave (easy walking tour through canyon Panjice) and Visocka Banja.

PROVIDED: camp, music, transportation to start position with equipment and boats, meals on Saturday (breakfast and lunch) and Sunday (breakfast), T-shirts for all participants of regatta.

NOT PROVIDED: rafting and camp equipment and cutlery/plates

FEE: Free

SECURITY WARNINGS: In certain places river is so shallow that boat can run on underwater rocks. There is the danger from branches on the shore toward which, in certain places, river pushes a boat to. This river was so far crossed with following boat models: RIS 9, GUMOTEX PULSAR 420n, GUMOTEX COLORADO 450, GUMOTEX PALAVA, GUMAR, GUMOTEX BARAKA and there were no major problems, but it’s good to be cautious.