Rafting in Serbia


If you like outdoor and adventure vacation, then Serbia should be interesting destination for you.

One of the things you should do when visit Serbia, is to go rafting.

There are some rivers in Serbia suitable for whitewater rafting, kayaking, canoeing and other water sports and outdoor activities.

Ibar river is one of the most famous rivers for rafting in Serbia. Ibar is located in central Serbia, near town Kraljevo. If you visit Belgrade, you could go on one-day rafting on Ibar river, or spend a night in the Ibar gorge below the magnificent medieval fortress - Maglič.

Veliki Rzav is river in western Serbia, near town Arilje. Veliki Rzav is the cleanest river in Serbia, and one of the cleanest rivers in the Europe. This river flows through unspoiled nature and beautiful canyon. Rzav is good for rafting only on higher water levels.

Lim flows through 3 countries (Montenegro, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina) and it is very interesting for rafting in all river sections. Lim is in Serbia capable for rafting during whole year. In Serbia Lim flows through very nice canyon.

There are also many other interesting rivers for rafting in Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia & Herzegovina : Tara, Vrbas, Neretva, Una, Krivaja...