Rafting Serbia - Ibar river


Ušće town and Studenica

Ušće is small town located on the confluence of the Studenica river into the Ibar river, in the Central Serbia, around 200 km south from Belgrade. In serbian language word "ušće" means confluence. 
Only 10 kilometres away from Ušće is Studenica, 12th century Serbian Orthodox monastery. Studenica was established in 1190. by Stefan Nemanja, founder of Serb medieval state.

Studenica is named after a river flows through gorge where the monastery is built. Serbian word "studen" means cold, icy, because the Studenica is very cold river. In the springtime Studenica river is one of the most extreme rivers for kayaking.

Rafting on Ibar

Ibar is very nice and attractive river for rafting, all-year navigable for raft boats. From the Ušće town Ibar starts with few interesting rapids. On the first kilometer is the rapid Grmčić and whitewater canoe and kayak center. 
River is nice and exciting, while we rafting through Ibar gorge. 
After a while, there is monument dedicated to heroic Serbian soldiers died during the Balkan wars and First World War from 1912-1918. Below a monument, there is a rapid called Jagnjilo
This area is also known as Valley of Kings, because a lot of Serbian medieval kings ruled exactly in this area.
Good and exciting rafting goes on through the beautiful gorge.

Maglič fortress

The medieval fortress Maglič is on the end of this 25 kilometres long journey. Maglič (serbian word for the foggy one) castle was built in 13th century, on the top of the hill around which Ibar river makes the curve. Maglič was used to protect main road that connected north and south of medieval Serbia. 
After climbing on hill and watching the Ibar valley from the fortress, we can go to camp here, have a good meal at the restaurant below the Maglic or do some other activities in this wonderful area.