About us


TIFRAN was established by group of few enthusiasts devoted to unspoiled nature and extreme sports, who gained their first rafting experiences few years before on rivers Lim, Ibar and Tara. Club was named after rapid Tifran, one of the most extreme rapids in Europe, located near town of Berane on the river Lim.

TIFRAN and it's members are present on all whitewater rafting rivers in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and other countries in region

TIFRANS are regular participants of rafting regattas and rafting championships in our region.

Our vision is to TIFRAN be the best club for the wholesome hobby of all it's members.


How to become a member

Member of club can be anyone, aged between 18 and 118. You need to be interested in rafting.

Annual membership 20 euros

checking account : 160-386466-22