Serbia rafting regattas


Rafting regattas are very popular events in Serbia. In this article we will mention some of most famous rafting regattas in Serbia :

Regatta of the river Lim (Limska regata) is traditional rafting regatta, established in 2000. Lim regatta is 130 km long, and it is divided in 3 stages. Lim regatta starts on source of the river Lim, on the Plav lake in the Montenegro and finishes in the town Prijepolje in Serbia. Lim regatta is usually held in the end of may or the first weekend of june, it lasts 3 days, starts on friday and ends on sunday.

International Lim Biathlon is second traditional rafting regatta on the river Lim. Lim Biathlon is usually held in the mid-august on saturday. Lim Biathlon is 30 km long, and it consists of two disciplines : rafting and bicycling between the two towns on the river Lim, Priboj and Rudo.

Jolly Regatta (Veseli Spust) is traditional regatta on the river Ibar, established in 1990. Regatta is usually held on last sunday on june, starts on the foothill of the Maglič fortress, and finishes in the town Kraljevo.

Ibar Rafters (Ibarski Saladžije)  is very interesting rafting regatta organized for the first time in 2013 on the upper part of the Ibar river by the municipality Tutin.

Rafting regatta on the Veliki Rzav is for the first time officially organized by SU Tifran and eco-organization God Save Rzav in 2013.

Drina Regatta (Drinska regata) is traditional event, usually held in the two saturdays in the middle of the july. First Drina regatta is held and organized by town Bajina Bašta, and second by town Ljubovija.