Rafting from Belgrade


Most of the foreign tourists in Serbia are visiting Belgrade.

Belgrade is the capital and biggest city of Serbia. Belgrade has biggest airport (Nikola Tesla), most of hotels and accommodations, very rich offer of cultural events and very exciting nightlife. Belgrade provides opportunity for various outdoor activities like flatwater kayaking, canoeing and paddling on Sava and Danube rivers, bicycling, paintball,  orienteering... 

There are no whitewater rivers in Belgrade, but it is possible to arrange 1-day, 2-days or more days excursion in inner Serbia, Montenegro or Bosnia and Herzegovina and see various interesting places, nice whitewater rivers, mountains, lakes, waterfalls, canyons and do various activities like rafting, canyoning, canoeing, trekking, mountaneering and other outdoor activities.

If you want 1-day rafting tour from Belgrade, it is possible to go on :

- Ibar river (during all year), it is 3 hours drive away from Belgrade

- Veliki Rzav river (spring time), 3 hours away from Belgrade

For 2-days you can go on :

- Lim river (all year), 4,5 hours away from Belgrade

- Tara river (spring-autumn) 6 hours away from Belgrade

Travel to whitewater rafting rivers can be very exciting, because you can see various interesting seesights - national parks, natural reservoirs, cultural and historical places...

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